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Everyone can help to maintain social distance



Social distancing can be challenging for everyone.

The 'Please give me space' initiative is a concept developed by Hidden Disabilities Sunflower in collaboration with The Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) and the UK Government's Cabinet Office.

If you find it difficult to socially distance, you can display this emblem when you go out to signal to others around you that they need to pay attention and give you space. The yellow circle with a person in the centre has two arrows pointing out either side to indicate space; 'Please give me space'.

Watch our video below to find out about 'Please give me space':



  • Oliver logo
    OLIVER joins the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower

    OLIVER – who design, build and run in-house agencies and marketing ecosystems for brands – has joined the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower this National Inclusion Week, raising awareness of the Sunflower and supporting those with non-visible disabilities.

    This is the latest progression in OLIVER’s ongoing commitment to actively create a pro-inclusive, anti-racist organisation – where everyone feels safe, supported and like they belong.

    The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower supports people with a non-visible disability – such as autism, dementia, mental health issues or learning difficulties – making the invisible visible, and helps them attain the understanding, patience and assistance needed when going about their daily lives.

    In addition to making the Sunflower lanyards available to employees with an invisible disability, OLIVER is training staff to identify the Sunflower, help them to gain a deeper understanding of non-visible disabilities and learn how to support Sunflower wearers.

    Paul White, from Hidden Disabilities Sunflower said;

    “OLIVER is demonstrating its commitment to disability inclusion by joining the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower global network and beginning its journey of knowledge about invisible disabilities.

    Everyone will have access to the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower training which opens conversations about disability and is a catalyst to normalising disability and exploring work-place adjustments. The Sunflower is a discreet sign that can be recognised easily, importantly people with non-visible disabilities wear it when and where they choose, at work, leisure, education or home.”

    Vijay Chohan, Global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Partner at OLIVER, commented on the new partnership;

    “Here at OLIVER and the Inside Ideas Group we are striving to foster a culture of inclusion, for all of our employees with all abilities. We have joined the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower, to raise awareness, encourage conversation and reduce the stigma around living and working with a hi

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  • Conde Nast Traveler Bright Ideas in Travel logo on a blue sky
    Condé Nast Traveler winner

    Shaping the future of travel

    In their inaugural Bright Ideas in Travel 2022, Conde Nast Traveller celebrate their 35th Anniversary with an issue dedicated to innovation and invention in the world of travel. The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower is included for its outstanding role in making travel more accessible and inclusive for travellers with non-visible disabilities. We are one of 56 key players highlighted as pioneering the Future of Travel alongside Hilton, Airbnb,, Revolve Air, Istanbul Airport, SpaceX and Neom.

    Paul White, CEO of Hidden Disabilities Sunflower said: “To be included in such a prestigious list reflects the transformational impact the Sunflower is having on the lives of people with non-visible disabilities across the globe.

    “The Sunflower has not only been used to help to tackle some of the travel challenges triggered by the pan

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  • Jacob Casson-Rennie, smiling wearing a Sunflower lanyard and a rainbow flag
    FASD with Jacob Casson-Rennie


    Jacob is 16 years old and lives with his parents in Ireland, who head up FASD Ireland and Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Ireland.

    Jacob talks to us about living with Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, FASD. For Jacob processing and memory is an issue. He explains how important it is that his peers and school are educated on the condition so that his additional needs can be understood and met. At school he has learning support staff who are crucial to his educational needs. And at his rugby club his coach has adapted his methods so that Jacob is better able to cope with the fast-paced game and make a real contribution to team.

    As well as supporting his parents with their vital work in raising

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  • 'We are proud to be a Purple Tuesday Global Disability Partner' text sits above the Purple Tuesday logo.
    We are the Purple Tuesday Global Disability Partner for 2022

    HIdden Disabilities Sunflower is the Purple Tuesday Global Disability Partner Purple 2022. 

    What is Purple Tuesday?

    Purple Tuesday is a global movement to improve the customer experience for disabled people and their families 365 days a year. The initiative inspires the leadership and staff of organisations of all sectors and sizes to promote awareness, develop understanding, and implement solutions for better accessibility in their customer environments.

    Each year, the Purple Tuesday movement is highlighted  by a celebratory day held on the first Tuesday of November. 

    In 2021, Hidden Disabilities Sunflower celebrated Purple Tuesday as the Disability Sector Partner. Purple Tuesday reached over 19 million people; involved over 7,000 social media conversations; and received over 270+ pieces of broadcast and print media.

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  • Jen Hankin, with green and silver facepaint, and a white bird in her auburn hair, against a green and silver background with cloud
    Autism and ADHD with Jen Hankin


    “They didn't know that I was autistic because I didn't know, and they didn't know I was ADHD because I didn't know, but it is very possible to teach in a way that caters to these neuro types without anybody having to disclose anything. When adults are in a position of power, because being a teacher is a position of power, it's... I wish teachers had more appreciation for just how their influence can affect people throughout the rest of their lives.”

    Jen Hankin is a musician who composes, teaches and performs. Her creative skills extend to fine arts (digital and watercolour), photography, videography, fashion design and writing. Jen is also autistic and has ADHD.

    Jen has cre

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  • HSBC logo
    HSBC rolls out Hidden Disabilities Sunflower in Hong Kong

    Photo: HSBC Hong Kong

    We are delighted to announce that HSBC is rolling out the Sunflower as a pioneer programme in Hong Kong, which will provide customers with a lanyard to discreetly indicate their needs for additional assistance at the designated branches.

    This launch forms part of HSBC's introduction of first-in-town support services specifically designed for customers in Hong Kong with mental health challenges. These new services, comprising tailored third party support, financial education modules and fee waivers, are responding to the general decline in mental health among Hongkongers in recent years partly due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

    The services are launched in partnership with Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service, alongside support from various NGOs, including Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Welfare Council, New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association, OCD & Anxiety Support Hong Kong

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