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'Please give me space'

helps to social distance


Anyone can wear this sign if they want to let people know that they are doing their best to socially distance.

During the national lockdown, charities received feedback that their members were being verbally abused for seemingly not adhering to the social distancing rules.

As a result, RNIB carried out a pan-disability consumer survey review using focus groups and surveys to understand people’s attitudes to social distancing.

The survey

The survey was designed to understand consumer attitudes to social distancing, concerns and difficulties relating to access needs when in public environments, and views on visual indicators. The groups surveyed had a wide range of different disabilities and long-term health conditions that included all ages and demographics. The Focus Groups consisted of Blind and Partially Sighted People, a Survey of over 2,000 members of the general public, an extensive RNIB Quantitative Survey as well as an Independent Pan Disability survey (51 participants).

While 94% of people reported that they always try and keep to a social distance, 70% of people stated that it is very difficult to maintain it.

This is for a variety of reasons; some conditions make it difficult to maintain social distancing. For instance, having a mobility impairment can mean moving quickly to get out of the way, and maintain social distance is incredibly hard. And a visual impairment can mean that it is difficult to judge distances.

Many respondents mental health had suffered because of their concerns around social distancing. And finally, 80% of people surveyed thought that a visual aid, to indicate that they found social distancing difficult, was a good idea.

“It would help the wearer to let other people know why they are unable to maintain social distance without getting into conflict” response from research

'Please give me space' is endorsed by the Cabinet Office. Their website has free to download cards and imagery for mobile phones. You can access this link here.

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Please give me space is part of Hidden Disabilities Sunflower

Hidden Disabilities Sunflower worked in collaboration with RNIB and the Government's Cabinet Office to create 'Please give me space'. In addition to the free-to-download badges provided on the Government website, Hidden Disabilities Sunflower is backing and promoting the initiative by launching a website and producing free awareness training as well as promotional materials for businesses. Hidden Disabilities Sunflower have also expanded the range of free-to-download materials with a range of products to help maintain social distance which is available to buy here

Find out how Hidden Disabilities Sunflower supports people living with hidden disabilities here

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