Business Partners

Our business partners

The following businesses have endorsed the initiative and will promote awareness of 'Please give me space'.

Aldi logo


“At Aldi, we are keen to support the needs of colleagues and customers in any way we can, and are happy to back this initiative for anyone who may have difficulties or concerns about maintaining social distancing, we are committed to continuing to make all Aldi stores a safe and welcoming shopping environment for everyone.”

Gatwick Airport logo


““We want to make everyone’s journey through the airport as pleasant and stress free as possible and the Please give me space lanyards are a great way of helping people who may need a little extra help to socially distance and stay safe.”

Heathrow logo


“At Heathrow, our vision is to provide a universally welcoming and accessible airport that ensures all our passengers can travel through the airport in the way that they choose with the care and dignity they expect. We are delighted to partner with this important initiative as we understand that not everybody is able to socially distance for themselves and need a little help from others in order to do so.”

USDAW logo

Union of Shop, Distributive and Allied Workers

Usdaw welcomes the Please Give Me Space Campaign.  The majority of our members are key workers keeping the food supply chain up and running during the pandemic.  They provide an invaluable service to customers with hidden disabilities for whom social distancing poses particular difficulties."

Lakeside Shopping Centre logo

Lakeside Shopping Centre

“At Lakeside Shopping Centre we want to be an accessible destination of choice for our customers. Ensuring our visitors feel safe, secure and welcome during the pandemic and beyond is crucial to us, which is why we are proud to support the Please give me space social distancing campaign.”

Peacehaven Town Council logo

Peacehaven Town Council 

“Peacehaven Town Council supports the Please give me Space campaign. The Council feels strongly about making every Officer, Councillor or Resident feel comfortable when visiting one of our community buildings. The Please give me space lanyards and badges are an excellent initiative to identify people who may need more time or space to maintain social distance.”

galleria logo

The Galleria Outlet Shopping Centre

“The Galleria Outlet Shopping Centre is proud to support the Please give me space social distancing campaign as we want all our guests to feel safe, secure and welcome during these difficult times and beyond. ”

Phoenix Events East Ltd

Phoenix Events (East) Ltd

“We want to make everyone’s experience hassle free and enjoyable when coming into contact with our staff at events or premises that we manage. When the Please give me space initiative was launched we immediately wanted to be a part of it to compliment the Hidden Disability Sunflower scheme that we are also members of. This new initiative compliments the work we are doing at events, such as COVID rangers at markets and in towns.”

Trafford Centre

The Trafford Centre

“At The Trafford Centre, our goal is to provide a safe yet enjoyable experience for all of our visitors, providing world class service to everyone who passes through our doors. The Please give me space lanyards are a great way of identifying people who may need a little extra help, space or time to socially distance, and compliment the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Lanyard scheme.”