What is it?

Please give me space

What is it?


'Please give me space' indicates to everyone that the person wearing the sign needs help to maintain a social distance and stay safe.

When you see the 'Please give me space' sign, please give space to the wearer and make it easy for them to maintain a social distance. Government guidelines currently recommend a safe distance of 2 metres where possible.

Who is it for?

Anyone can wear this sign to let people know that they are doing their best to social distance.

At the height of the pandemic, the NHS identified 2.2 million people who were clinically vulnerable and instructed them to shield. t is important that people in this group maintain social distance. It may not be obvious to everyone who they are, by wearing 'Please give me space' they become visible.

Some people find it a challenge to social distance due to a sight, cognitive or mobility impairment. By wearing 'Please give me space', the impetus is on everyone to give that person space.
'Please give me space' is not about being judged - it is about working together to ensure that we all give space to stay safe.

Black t-shirt with yellow 'Please give me space' badge

Where would you wear 'Please give me space'?

The 'Please give me space' sign can be worn whenever you come into contact with people from outside of your bubble. Here are some instances when it can be worn:

  • at a place of work or worship
  • a trip to the local shops or supermarket
  • when receiving a parcel delivery at home
  • taking daily exercise
  • on public transport

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